Placement process

talking on phones


Get in touch

You contact us via e-mail, telephone, webpage or social media.

Within 1 working day we respond to your query with some basic info and request an appointment for a conversation in person or via a video application.

Friendly Conversation


Let's talk

We will have a thorough conversation with you about your needs, the family requirements and your circumstances as well as the details of your children.

Signing a Contract


Register with us

Within 1 working day we will send you the attendance note of the meeting for review. Once you are happy, we will ask you to sign it as well as our Terms of Business and the Registration Form within 2 working days from the receipt of the above. In receipt of the signed paperwork we will invoice you the Registration Fee.

Magnifying Glass



Agency conducts a thorough review of each applicant’s profile and talks to them via video call to determine suitability for the placement. The shortlisted candidates need to provide two references, DBS check equivalent, criminal background check, certificate of health and copy of a valid driver’s licence (if applicable).

Within 3 weeks from the end of the Cooling Off Period, we present 3-5 candidate profiles to you for review and asking for your feedback within 48 hours.

In case you cannot choose from the given profiles, we offer you to find further 2-4 more candidates within 2 weeks.

Happy Woman



In case you find all or some of the Candidates suitable for the role, we arrange another video call interviews with each candidate. We will also be on the call, taking the role of the mediator.

World Peace



Once the interviews have been concluded, you have to make a decision about the placement and send us the completed and signed Invitation Letter within 72 hours after the end of the interviews. This is equivalent to an official offer.

Credit Card


Payment of fees

Upon the written acceptance of the completed and signed Invitation Letter by the au pair, we invoice the full amount of the placement to you which is due in 3 working days.

Due to the high number of demand by host families, the chosen nominee is only reserved for you if the above timeline is met.

Crossing the Finish Line


Final step

Once the fee is paid and all the other conditions are satisfied (proof of your identification, proof of address is sent to us), we ask the au pair to undertake travel arrangements. We also confirm that you and the au pair can communicate directly from this point, but offers our continuous support if needed.

Piles of Paper


Post placement support

We will be there either for you or your au pair along the whole journey. Please contact us if you get stuck with any admin duties or even if any of you need tips how to get over the hurdles (e.g. a homesickness, integration).