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We are pausing our services due to the lack of support from the Government after Brexit.

The current government visa proposals resulted in Au Pairing between the UK and EU has come to an end. 

It's been a challenging few month since January 2021. Our team together with the British Au Pair Agencies Association have been working round the clock to pass the message to the Government and the Home Office that the Immigration legislation and the Visa proposals require significant changes to save the Au Pair Programme between the UK and the EU.

It has now become evident that the Government and the Home Office is not aiming to save the Au Pair Programme between the UK and EU.

In view of this unprecedented set of circumstances unfortunately WE NEED TO PAUSE our services until further notice.

Thank you for your interest in our services!

Date: 11 June 2021

Cotswolds Au Pair Agency

For more info about the Save Au Pairs campaign, please visit:


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Our Story

Cotswolds Au Pair Agency was born out of a desire to ensure that parents

in the Cotswolds area can find the best au pair for their family needs.

I built the agency based on my own experience. I have delivered my twins in 2016. As a busy lawyer I had to go back to work when my twins were only 7 months old. My husband also worked unpredictable and sometimes long hours therefore they needed someone who could help outside working hours. We have decided to hire an au pair and never looked back.

Over the years based on my own know-how I have found myself helping friends and friends of friends searching for the best live in childcare for each individual demand.

Currently our 3rd au pair lives with us. We keep in touch with the previous two who are still treated as family members.

Juggling life and a career is, in itself a challenge. Finding someone to help - that should be easier. That is where we come in.

Our agency is devoted to tailoring the process to your family desire yet keeping it cost effective and as fast as possible. We start from the beginning, speaking to the family to fully understand their requirements. We engage applicants for that particular role, vetting them carefully to ensure that each and every one of our shortlisted candidates have the experience and disposition needed to make a great caregiver.

We do not stop after matching the right nominee with the family. Our post placement process covers all the needed admin, for example VISA application (if needed), GP registration, finding a suitable language course and more.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional and caring au pair for your child, and we will find the perfect match for your family’s needs in no time.

Susan Sarlos - Founder



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